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About Ninnion Therapeutics

Ninnion Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical research company dedicated to creating a pipeline of next-generation treatment protocols and psychedelic medications.

Our Focus

At Ninnion, we’re seeking to develop, test, and gain FDA approval for psychedelic treatment options that more effectively treat stroke and brain trauma than the current standards of care.

Our Mission

Unlocking the human potential to heal the brain through psychedelics

Our Vision

To reduce cost to payers, enable providers, and improve patients lives

Our Philosophy

Unlocking human potential.

Ninnion is helping to shape the emerging therapeutic field of psychedelics. We take this responsibility seriously to serve as a guiding light to the pharmaceutical industry, leading by example with ethical business practices and employing the highest scientific rigor in our development of safe and effective drug therapies.

Ninnion has enthusiastically taken the North Star Ethics Pledge and aligned to our corporate values committed to a future of worldwide psychedelic therapies delivered ethically, equitably, and accessible within and outside of commercial models. To this end, Ninnion is creating its own patient assistance program which ensures that all patients who need the medicines we develop will receive them regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. 

Our Core Values

At Ninnion, we focus our efforts on providing support for each individual. To that end, we use psychedelic medications to provide healing for their physical or mental health.  Our core values include the following:

ninnion therapeutics empathy

Core Value

ninnion therapeutics integrity

Core Value

ninnion therapeutics creativity

Core Value

ninnion therapeutics respect

Core Value

ninnion therapeutics passion

Core Value

At Ninnion, our goal is to facilitate human healing and empower patients by focusing on the individual, not their symptoms.

Our Business Model

Ninnion is building a fully integrated pharmaceutical psychedelics eco-system leveraging the latest AI drug discovery, in-house development, cGMP manufacturing, commercialization, patient clinics and specialty pharmacy distribution network designed for the next frontier of psychedelic medicine.

In 2021 we have been actively building out our team, expanding capabilities and forming best in class partnerships to realize our vision.

Through our exclusive AI drug discovery platform partnership, in the next 5 years, Ninnion will create 10 or more novel, next generation psychedelic drug candidates with optimized pharmacological profiles, improved tolerability and safety, clinically focused on treating brain injury, chronic pain, inflammation, and addiction. Because of the high unmet need In these areas we will be well positioned to leverage FDA expedited regulatory pathways including breakthrough therapy, fast track, and orphan designations.